Village of Estral Beach Building Department

 Until a dedicated 'Building Department' phone line is communicated, email Requests, or, Questions on Process, Procedures, Forms or Fees to:
Leave a message on the Village's voicemail
     @ 734.586.8380

Building Official:  Tia Riordan

PLEASE NOTE:  Permits can take up to three days to be processed.  If you have any questions, send an email or leave a message on the Village voicemail number listed above.  Please do not call Tia's personal phone number.

Inspections:  Call or email to schedule an appointment for an inspection

 Estral Beach Permitting
   Ordinance 1041A Grading Permit

Monroe County Drain Commission:
MCDC Ordinance for Soil Erosion & Sedimentation Control 
MCDC SESC Ordinance Link

MCDC Permit Fees
MCDC Permit Fees Link

MCDC SESC Permit Application PDF
MCDC SESCPermit Application Link

Key Guidelines:
Flood Control Device Ordinance 1052B 

Set Backs.  See also Ordinance 1031, Article X, pages 21-24

Resolution:  Height of New Seawalls or Repairs to Foresight or Advanced Measure Cribs

Bid for Sheet Pile Retaining Wall - South Dike & Pump House "Technical Requirements"

The following Building Department forms, policies and procedures are a "work in progress", thus check for updates.

Also, until a dedicated 'Building Department' phone line is communicated, email requests to:

Building Department Policy, forms:
Building Department Policy
Building  Permit Application
Electrical Permit Application
Mechanical Permit Application
Plumbing Permit Application
Zoning Permit Application
Filing a Complaint

Certificate of Occupancy forms:
Certificate of Occupancy Request
Certificate of Occupancy

Construction Board of Appeals
Construction Board of Appeals By Laws & 
   Rules of Procedure

Construction Board of Appeals Policy
Construction Board of Appeals Request

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Village Water Lines
Village Sewer Lines

           Village 1973 Ditching Project
             Ditch Index
             EB 101
             EB 102
             EB 103
             EB 104
             EB 105
             EB 106
             EB 107

Estral Beach Maps
Stevens Estral Subdivision
Stevens Estral Subdivision 1
Luttermoser Point (South End)
Parcel Map

US Fish & Wildlife Service Units Adjacent to Estral Beach

FEMA Electronic Flood Maps Service
Enter your address, Flood Map appears.

American Society of Civil Engineers
Building standards in a flood zone
Guide to ASCE Standards
ASCE 24-14 Highlights

FEMA Elevation Grants
12 home grant with homeowners 2009
  2 home grant 2012 with Village
14 home grant 2016 with Village
  8 home grant 2016 with Village
  6 home grant 2019 with Village
  1 home grant 2021 with Village
  5 home grant 2021 with Village

FEMA Assistance Guidelines
Addendum to HMA    July 12, 2013
HMA Guidance   February 27, 2015
Using ASCE24 for HMA Jan 25, 2018