Estral Beach Village

1952 thru 1976 Flood Protection Resolutions with the Army Corp

1977 Abolish all alleys Resolution

1983 to July 2005  Summary of Resolutions

1990  Countywide plan for collection & disposal of Solid Waste

1996  Appointment of a Building Official

          Flood Plain Management , participate in NFIP

2000  Berlin Township Water & Sewer Supply Agreement

2000  Special Assessment District for Dredging

2004  Height of New Seawalls

2008  Change Time of Council meeting from 7:30pm to 7:00PM

2013  Estral Beach Hazard Mitigation Plan

2013  Millage to Enhance Fire & Rescue Service

           Boat Ramp Project

2015  Monroe Solid Waste Plan Adoption

2016 Recognize Monroe County Bi-Centennial Alliance      

2017 To Promote Non Motorized Improvement Transportation

2017 Moratorium on Zoning Applications

2017 Assert Council's Rights to Approve Village Master Plan

2017 Resolution for Security and Safety Measures