Estral Beach Village

1952 thru 1976 Flood Protection Resolutions with the Army Corp

1977 Abolish all alleys Resolution

1983 to July 2005  Summary of Resolutions

1990  Countywide plan for collection & disposal of Solid Waste

1996  Appointment of a Building Official

          Flood Plain Management , participate in NFIP

2000  Berlin Township Water & Sewer Supply Agreement

2000  Special Assessment District for Dredging

2004  Height of New Seawalls

2008  Change Time of Council meeting from 7:30pm to 7:00PM

2013  Estral Beach Hazard Mitigation Plan

2013  Millage to Enhance Fire & Rescue Service

           Boat Ramp Project

2015  Monroe Solid Waste Plan Adoption

2016 Recognize Monroe County Bi-Centennial Alliance      

2017 To Promote Non Motorized Improvement Transportation

2017 Moratorium on Zoning Applications

2017 Assert Council's Rights to Approve Village Master Plan

2017 Resolution for Security and Safety Measures

2019 Fire Millage

2019 Flood Control Millage

2019 Road Resurfacing Grant  Resolution 3-19-8

2019 Resolution Par Plan Pumps 10-19-6