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Village Master Plan approved 12 19 2017

Berlin Township Historical Society
   Contact 734.872.1226

Application for Membership on the Planning Commission ---- or  ---- Zoning Board of Appeals template
Applications are always being accepted to fill current or future positions.

Role of the ZBA Training 3 26 2018

Zoning Board of Appeals Process

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 ZBA meetings:
Meeting Minutes of Sept 28, 2018
Meeting Minutes of Feb 20, 2018
Meeting Minutes March 5, 2018
ZBA Training Seminar March 26, 2018
Meeting Minutes March 28, 2018
Meeting Minutes    May 10, 2018
Meeting Minutes    May 24, 2018
Meeting Minutes   June 07, 2018
Meeting Minutes   June 14, 2018

FEMA FIRM Map Open House 9 19 2018

FEMA Electronic Flood Maps Service
Enter your address, Flood Map appears.

FEMA Coastal Flood Risk Study 9/15/2016

FEMA Approved County plan: 
2017 Monroe County
     Hazard Mitigation Plan

FEMA approved Estral Beach Hazard Mitigation Plan,
(HMP) Approval Letter 6/9/2015.
Village adopted the Monroe County HMP and will not have to renew the Village plan.

Potassium Iodide (KI) Voucher program in case of a nuclear "General Emergency"
Take KI Voucher From below to Krogers or to Meiers (including Flat Rock location)

KI Fact Sheet
KI Voucher Form

Republic Disposal Services:

Collection Day Notice: Thursdays Guidelines to Collections
Pick up on Thursdays unless a holiday precedes it, then Friday.  Snow days may move pickup service back one day.

Call 800-878-4626:  for bulk pickup (no charge, contracted line item updated 6/2018), for extra bags exceeding 96 cart capacity (no charge) missed garbage pickup, and broken carts.  Mention "Village of Estral Beach" and the account number:   "302700003415".  Republic will confirm your call with a reference number.  Possibly, Republic will ask for the Village address.  Respond:  7194 Lakeview Boulevard,
Newport, MI 48166.

Call 800-878-4626: for dumpster issues or to cancel a dumpster pickup (Wednesdays) if the dumpster is empty.  Mention "Village of Estral Beach" and the dumpster account number: "302410051056".  Republic will confirm your call with a reference number.  Possibly, Republic will ask for the Village address.  Respond:  7194 Lakeview Boulevard,
Newport, MI 48166.


Culvert Replacement Info
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Boat Launch Lake Access
Survey Page 1  Survey Page 2
Boat Ramp Specifications
Boat Ramp Resolution photos & specs

"Proposed"North Dike Lake Access
Photo of North Dike Trail

Beautification Efforts

Village Attorney Blight Letter

Lakeview Ave/Lakeshore Station Before
Lakeview Ave/Lakeshore Station New

Village Hall New Photos - Complete
Village Hall New Bench Awning
Village Hall New Siding
Village Hall New Signage 1
Village Hall New Signage 2

Village Sign New 7 11 2015
Village Marque

Playground equip new 1
Playground equip new 2
Playground equip new 3

Mailbox Specifications

North Pump Station Before 1
North Pump Station Before 2
North Pump Station Before 3
North Pump Station Before 4
North Pump Station New 1
North Pump Station New 2
North Pump Station New 3

South Pump Station Before 1
South Pump Station Before 2
South Pump Station Before 3
South Pump Station New 1
South Pump Station New 2
South Pump Station New 3

Survey of Residents
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